i have a five yr old who absolutely has a problem with self control does anyone have a sugguestion?


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Crystal - posted on 03/29/2010




Maybe try Karate? :) They teach discipline, respect and listening.. and of course strength and other life skills. We put our 4 year old son in a short 4 week class through our Parks and Rec department and one of the local schools and he did very well. There were a lot of kids that in my opinion were all ADD ... and by the end of it you could tell that they'd learned a lot about listening and respect for the teacher, and each other. I highly recommend it. We're hoping to get our son into another class soon.

Jessica - posted on 03/29/2010




I have my son in baseball and bowling ... seems that is not just the answer. I have just said well i need to try harder.

Rasha - posted on 03/28/2010




I have the same problem but he is 9 years old he cant control him self at anger time , he plays tennis on and off and swimming also on and off. But if i told him no about something and he is not in the mood for it he will turn really crazy start screaming and telling me bad words , i am not sure sometimes i think he has something wrong !! any advise how can i deal with it but i have to tell you also months can pass with out these very high tantrums but one time he would just blow off .

Gabriela - posted on 03/28/2010




sports! it will help him learn to cooperate, take turns, and social skills.
i have a son that is 4 that i am going through the same thing...um...i recommend soccer because its more active and if he has a lot of energy it should help with that also...even though he has a younger sibling they don't always do well with others...
take him to the park until he's tired if you can...
self control is hard for them because many times they may not know how to express how they are really feeling. anger, upset, irritated, tired, etc. they may not have the words and they act out. what you can try to do (which is easier said then done) is when you feel he's getting out of control ask him whats wrong? if he can't say suggest some feelings. ok for example my older son and his brother (2 yr difference) don't get along. my oldest son used to be really aggressive with his brother. now, he's not perfect but he can tell me more of what is bothering him like the other day he was trying to sleep and his brother wanted to play. he was getting upset and irritated because of what his baby brother was doing. so i asked him what are you feeling? nothing he said. are you upset at your brother? no. are you sure?? i don't know. do you need some alone time? yes. then please tell your brother that you don't want to play and you need your alone time. so he did. ( he told with attitude, he's not perfect)...i had to take his baby brother off the bed because he was not listening. now, i will admit that he doesn't always tell me ..but if i catch it in time it saves us both a headache...it will take time...its not easy but you can do it..
umm...what about gardening? it might work. he will have to be still and he can get dirty or not. but he will be happy when his plant grows..it can help him with responsibility and he will have to have self control because he has to be patient as his plant grows...it could be a start

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