I have three kids that are 9,7,and 6. i have been in a relationship with their father for ten yrs and i feel like ive been a single mother the entire time. now im having behavior issues with my two youngest (boys btw). Im at my wits end and theres not one single day that im not physically and emotionally drained. Now because of personal issues we live in separate homes but are still a couple. but now its even worse. the tiny bit of support i did have has diminished and the anger and resentment is being taken out on my kids. i feel so bad all the time because i know its not their fault. i dont know what to do anymore. whats worse is i dont have any family/friend support. ive alienated myself and my kids because of my depression. i dont want my kids to grow up hating me. im just looking for advice. oh yea btw now that we dont live together the financial support that was always available from their father is now almost non existant as well. we get whatever is left from what he hasnt spent on himself. Im a stay at home mom so u can imagine how rough it is trying to raise three kids with almost no financial or emotional support.


Krissy - posted on 12/11/2012




If hes not financially supporting the children then I would defininately file to get child support with your Attorney Generals office. Especially since living in two seperate households, together or not you need help. And I would tell him what a hard time your having and tell him that you do not only need financial but emotional help with the kids. Its hard having three kids alone. I was a single parent for almost 4 years with just one, so I can only imagine your pain. But don't let him just get away with this because he feels like he can. Make him take responsibility for his actions. And if you try and find a church near by they might have some kind of mom help programs to allow you some time to yourself every now and then. Im sure they go to school during the day, so maybe you could take up a hobby or something that helps you relieve stress. This means many different things to different people. But stay stong. Just do whats best for your kids and take care of yourself so you can take care of them properly. If that means go to the doctor and take medication for your depression then do it! Just try to keep it together and any time you get frustrated just think of what your kids are going through with all of this and make a rational choice to react accordingly!

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