I need advise!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Angie - posted on 09/05/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 5yr old son just started kindergarden last week, we have gotten a phone call almost everyday and twice to go pick him up. I don't know what to do, I spoke to his teacher last week and she says he does great in the mornings but after lunch he doesn't want to do anything, he tells them "NO" he takes off his shoes, and run around in class, should I get him tested, if so for what?????


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Dina - posted on 09/05/2012




If your child is fine in the morning and they are only having problem in the afternoon you don't need to take him to be "tested" for anything. A learning or behavoral disorder would be present at all times not just in the later part of the day.

I would go with the above suggestion of putting him in a Kindergarden class that is half days because it sounds like he is just getting bored with a full day.

Angie - posted on 09/05/2012





Yes, he turned 5 in July. Yes, he does listen at home, and if he doesn't we put him in time out and stays there until he is ready to listen to us, Yes, he did preschool and he did great all the way until maybe the last 3 months of school. The funny thing is he dosn't take naps at home with us, I know the school that we enrolled him this year was going to be challenging, but I thought he was able to handle it, he is very smart, but maybe you are right and he need half days, I'm just mentally braking down, I just want the best for my son, like every other parent, I also have a 13yr old daughter that I never had problems with and everyone tells me that every child is different. Thank you for your advise.

Michelle - posted on 09/05/2012




These are the questions you need to be asking yourself, 1. when did he turn 5 has he been 5 for awhile or did he just turn 5. 2. Is he rambunctious and not listening at home as well or just at school. 3. Did he do preschool. From what you are describing I am going to hazard a guess that he is a young 5 who probably still needs a nap in the afternoon, some do. I would either stop K and go again next or look for a k program that is only half days which will allow him to be at school in the morning and home in the afternoon.

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