i need help my 5yr old daughter grinds her teeth when she sleeps really bad to the point that i need to move her jaws for she could stop any advice a.s.a.p


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Louise - posted on 03/09/2012




See a dentist to see if there is any damage to the teeth and then may be he can suggest a mouth guard that is comfortable enough to sleep in.

Carol - posted on 03/09/2012




My husband grinds his teeth at night. His dentist gave him a dental guard. You can buy them at WalMart for way less than $20 or spend $100's and get a custom fit one (tough choice). The down side is that I'd be worried about a kid using one for fear that she'd choke. Ask your dentist.

Deidre - posted on 03/08/2012




My son does the same thing and I told our dentist. She says there is no cause for alarm and they grow out of it. I've caught him doing it during the day and since he was next to me it was just annoying so I just asked him not to do it. He instantly stopped. Now that was a conscious decision because he was awake so I think that is totally different.

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