i need help with my six year olds change in behavior and how to handle it.

Candy - posted on 09/02/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




it all started when summer break began after kindergarten, she has always been such a great joy to be with and then she became moody and misbehaving, not minding. I marked it up for not having the strict structure that she had in school. She refuses to do her chores, everything is "not fun" I was nieve to think i guess that it would improve when returning to school (1st grade) and the structure being stricter. Well, we are into week three and this is horrendous. She is throwing horridable fits to go to bed, i have found her asleep in all strange places in our home where she has went in the middle of the night, then she is a bear to get up in the mornings. She screams at me that i don't care about her and i don't let her have any fun, which she has a life filled with activities, but not so much to overwhelm. But she doesn't want to care for her responsibilites which is only to pick up after herself in her room and the rest of the house where she plays; fold towels, and to help with dishes which she has always enjoyed the task and allowance she gets for doing so. I just need help, i don't know what to do at this point, it is sooo bad i cry because i don't know what to do to make it better, i am overwhelmed and i have to walk away which makes everything worse. People i have talked with say that it is just b/c she is a girl, but this is extreme, it's comparable to a teens behavior, but even bad for that. HELP PLEASE


Monika - posted on 09/02/2009




Sounds like it could be a sleep issue? If it continues you might want to see the doctor? My daughter also acts like that when she gets, or is tired.

I found that using "123 magic" solution has been my life saver in dealing with my 4 year old twins. If I had not used it through my separation I would have been nuts, and them as well.

You should be able to go to you public library and find this book. Make sure it is NOT "More 123 magic" (also available in VHS format)

It uses counting to stop behaviour that is not appropriate, and consequences for behaviour that you want them to do.

It eliminates emotions, and us talking/ compromising too much.

good luck.

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