i need to teach to kids to tie their shoes ! help!

Ruth - posted on 08/07/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




i have an 4 year old and and 8 year old how can i teach them how to tie their shoes at one time


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Do you have Shrek The Third or Forever After? Fiona's little rhyme is really cute. "The Dragon goes around the castle, under the bridge, and into the dungeon."
There is another one, and I can't remember how it goes, but it is about a kitten chasing a mouse.


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Carol - posted on 08/08/2011




My oldest was 4 when he learned and my youngest just learned and he's 8 now - thank you velcro. The 4 year old had a much harder time learning, but still got it. Consistency is the key. Don't let them just slip their feet into their shoes after tying them once. Untie their shoes as soon as they take them off. My 8 year old was 4 years ready, the little punk. He got the hang of it in one day. It was just easier to throw him in velcro until then. Then we went to a CubScout camp and he made about 3 crafts using different knots. He laughed when I told him that he can't use the "I can't do it" response anymore. Just be patient and don't expect tight knots. I did one side as they did the other.

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