I Said Some Hateful Things!

Jackie - posted on 09/29/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I said some mean things to a Muslim mother the other day at my childs' school for blocking my car in (I was parked along the curb on a side street) and she parked right next to my car...yes, in the road. As you can guess, that is where it escalated. I proceeded to tell her off calling her a bunch of hateful names and told her to move back to her own country.

She is new to the school and I feel bad, but she knows better that there is no "double" parking on a public street. I have noticed she has a major attitude with everyone, not just me since the beginning of the school year. At the time, I felt like it was my business to put her in her place, but now feel guilty because of the rude things I said.

I am thinking it would be in my best interest to apologize to this woman, regardless if she accepts it or not. Please help with my decision.

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Shannintipton - posted on 09/29/2011




I have dont a lot of stupid stuff and have to apologize all the time. I if seem them all the time I try to make a joke about it and say and I cant even guarantee I wont do it again. It usually works for me. But yes I would apologize to her. Good luck. And yes she did a stupid thing.

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We all go off the deep end sometimes and say things we shouldn't. I agree with you, you should apologize.

She probably seems like she has an attitude because she is nervous. A LOT of Americans think all Muslims hate them, and she's probably encountered a lot of racism here. It's awkward and uncomfortable for her not fitting in and knowing most of the people she meets probably hate her for her religion. I know when I'm nervous, I often come off as having an attitude, even though I don't, I'm just over correcting for my lack of confidence.

I think if you approach her and say something like "Hi, I want to apologize for the other day. I was having a horrible, stressful day, and I just broke. I really am sorry, and I didn't mean any of those things." That will get the ball rolling for you to talk to her.

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