I would love to get some feedback from Mom's who has son(s) born March 2004 or older and you started them to school at 5 . I am interested in knowing their development and maturity stage with schooln and learning. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Jenna - posted on 11/29/2011




My oldest was born in May 2003 and we started him at age five. He was really ready--no longer napping and already reading and very well-behaved and eager to be learning.

My second son was born in October 2004 and we did not start him until the following school year, in 2010. Where we lived at the time of September 2009, he could have started at age four because the cut off wasn't until December 1st. We felt that he was too young and just not ready.

Our third son was born September 2006. He just turned five. If we were still in that same area as our second son, we would have started this one. He is very ready for school, but the cutoff here is September 1st, so he missed it by three weeks. It's all right, though, I'm enjoying having one more year with him at home.

It definitely is about their maturity level and where they are in development. Some boys are ready and some are not. Waiting one year for one who's not completely ready can only be beneficial to them later.

Two of my brothers were born in August. One of them started school right after he turned five. He really struggled the first few years. The other one, my mom wised up. He started when he turned six and had a much better early elementary experience.

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