ideas for 6 yr old girl winter party, ny's day/eve - inexpensive?

Neale - posted on 10/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Looking up inexpensive birthday ideas now. Considering an ice-skating/tailgate party on NY's day -stroke of midnight, after fireworks, or indoors at our church. Our immed. fam. ice-skates ev.yr on their b-day & this is the 1st time considering inviting their class... the rink is 45+ min away, @midngt, for 6 yr olds... conflicted.


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I would say the ice skating idea is great, a good age to do a skating party.

I'd be a bit put off, however, to receive an invitation for my 6 yo to go to a midnight skating party!

So, I'd say go for the skating, but do it in the afternoon, and plan to offer some rides to/from the rink.


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Neale - posted on 11/01/2012




Thank you for your honesty. The midnight skating party is a trek, on all levels, for a 6yr old.

The issue is, they're quadruplets. It's not as glorious as people think, nor is being their winter bday on NY's day.

Every kid I'd ever seen, gets the MOUNTAINS of presents on their b-day, & ours, total, are lucky they get 8. or 2 presents, each, every b-day, even at every party, 10+ guests. Guests feel (never told to me, but I'm guessing) strapped for cash, & simply get 1 present that the 4 can share.

The firework location was an annual tradition of our immed. family, & jst thought, that possibly, another kid, from their class, may do the same thing. If so, jst wanted to put the word out, that we were in the vicinity, & to come on by for some cup cake & I'd front the rental (being a 'major' event for the city, the rental cost also covers a festival participation).

Starting nxt yr, their 6th, we would break their celebrations up to/as individual events, so that each, like other children, could get presents that were 'their own'. Parents could pick & choose which kids event they'd want to attend throughout the year, & it'd never get down to 'why should I go or get 4 presents... ' etc, when, families could choose to come to one or all. In return, we've always gone to events they'd been invited to & NEVER (our choice, out of respect for provisions), brought only one present. Each child (for we can't divi - them & let less than 4 attend an event, if so, hasn' happned yet, maybe as they get oler)...

I've rambled... bascally, as the event 'unfolded' (fireworks'n'all)... jst thought itd be nice for an/or outsiders to share the moment... before it got stale & the kid whines 'ugh... us again, on my special day, & why isn't there, ever, any other people around?'... That was all. My apologies if I've offended anyone, & this post sounded selfish.

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