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Hi there, I'm hoping that I can get some help with my delima. I'm sorry if this is kind of long, but I hope I can get some good suggestions or ideas.

My son is 9 and is in 4th grade. He is home by himself for an hour afterschool until I get home from work. In this time, he does do his homework, but it really isn't alot that the teacher gives him. It's usually 1 sheet with no more then problems on it. He wizzes right through it, leaving him with nothing but playing or watching TV. Now, this wouldn't be a problem, but lately he has been acting up in school. I want to eliminate this playing time with more work like reading, or more math problems. I also find it hard to give him an hours of worth or homework to do.

Are there any suggestions or ideas that I can use to keep him from playing but still use his time wisely? My ultimate plan was, have him do work until I got home, I check it, if it's good, then he can have an hour of playing time until it's time for dinner then bed. I'm just at a loss for what to do.

I forgot to mention, I believe he is ADHD as well. We are looking into having him tested (fighting with the hubby on this one)


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Honestly, what I did last year (my son was 10 and in the 4th grade), he was permitted to come home after school, but he had to stay in the house. There were ground rules set and he knew that if you broke them, he'd have to go back to daycare (which he hated). He had to call me from the home phone to my cell phone so that it would show up on the caller id. He was only permitted to answer the phone if it was mine or his dad's cell phone numbers. We actually didn't make him do his homework until we got home, so if he needed help with it, he didn't get discouraged. We gave him things to do and if he didn't do them, he didn't get video games or computer after dinner. Things I had him do: empty the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, fold laundry from the night before, vaccum, pretty much anything he could do on his own without help. Of course, we rewarded him with "allowance" when he had a productive week, but if he decided to be a lazy slug after school and watch tv, he wouldn't earn anything. Or worse case scenario, if he didn't do anything at all that he should have, we've been known to take controllers to the tv or power cords for the computer to work with us...LOL. Hope this helps. Geneva

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