Is it normal for an 8 year old to be really jealous of other girls who can do activities, like gymnastics, dancing,cooking etc? She can do some of the things but maybe not aswell. I do keep telling her that these children have done loads of practising to get where they are today, and that 1 day she will get there too but this just makes her more some jealous. Any help on how to deal with this topic would be greatly appreciated!


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It is normal for kids to be somewhat jealous of others who can do things they cannot, but it should not be a negative jealousy. Teach her to channel that feeling into a strong determination in her own area. The only way to excel in a physical activity is to practice, practice, practice.

Also, explain that no one can excel in everything. She should pick a passion and follow it--it will be better for her self esteem to be really awesome at one thing, than to be mediocre at everything. That way, she will have her own moment to stand out from the crowd. I think a lot of kids that age try to be the best at everything and it's just not possible.

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