Is it typical for a first (soon to be second) grader to not have any 1 or 2 good friends?

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My son is awesome (of course, all of ours are). Great kid, nice, friendly, and he can be a "dork". He eats lunch with 'the boys', which are 3-5 boys he was in kindergarten with but he isn't in 1st grade with them. He also doesn't play at reccess' with any of these boys. He's friendly with a lot of kids, but I also know he puts some of them off sometimes because he is such a friendly kid. His teacher told me he is just a big kid (98th percentile) and hasn't learned his space/boundries yet.
Anyways, during baseball today he was in right field and a couple of the other boys were tossing the ball back and forth and my son was calling for them to toss him the ball as well, but they didn't. One of the boys had a sleep-over with ds the other night.
I guess what I want ease on is 2 things.... that kids eventually hook-up with good friends and secondly, that my son will stop pushing kids away with his friendliness!

I just want him to have a great childhood (something his dad said tonight as well).


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Betty - posted on 06/08/2010




my son is just finishing 2nd grade and only a few months ago did he come home talking about a best friend. give him time. my other son is finishing kindergarden. he is all but off the charts in size. he wont be 7 till july and is 4'3" and weighs 85lb. some of the kids are just plain afraid of his size and others call for him when they need his strength. for example the other day for track and field. homerooms compete against each other, he was the star of the day. his teacher placed him in strategic positions. especially the tug of war, he was the anchor. in the kickball game he was cleanup. he and the entire class had alot of fun.

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My oldest son is 17 and he's only had one really good friend. He has a circle of friends but a "best friend" - only the one and he lives 2 states away now. He is just not interested in building those types of relationships. This summer maybe you can play some games about "personal space" and it might help him form the bonds he wants to form next year.

Hayley - posted on 06/08/2010




Im sure in time he wil make sum great friends n learn boundaries. mayb try teachn hm boundaries at hme. dont wory or stress too much hes only yound

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