Is my son reaching out for help?

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My 8 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD. He is on Vyvance 50mg in the morning and Intuniv 2mg at bedtime. He is known for emptying the shampoo bottles that were completely full, sneaking food,and hiding the garbage in his room. He is very smart. Top of his 2nd grade class. Listening skills must be turned off when he is at home. The lying has been outrageous, along with repetitive outbursts of behavior (says he didn't want to do it). Has been having trouble sleeping as well (nightmares). Just today he smeared poop inside the toilet. Didn't wash up after either. Asked him about it and he said," what?". His response for doing it: I don't know. I am ready to pull my hair out. PLEASE HELP

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He is reaching out for attention.
Try this. Give him 20 minutes of pure attention EVERY SINGLE DAY. Set aside a special time, set a timer, and tell him he is yours for the count. Do whatever HE wants to do--try not to guide him, just listen and follow his lead. It's harder than it sounds.

I know as parents, we feel like our lives revolve around our kids and they have our constant attention, but our kids don't see it that way. And if we really look at our day, and are honest with ourselves, it is easy to see that we are rarely 100% focused on our kids at any one time--usually we are multitasking. Fixing dinner while he talks, checking email while he shows me his new trick, etc.

Kids, especially kids with ADHD (I have it), need a time to be focused on. Our minds don't process attention the same way others do--1/2 of your attention won't register. He is too young to know why he is doing these things. When he says he doesn't know why he did it, he's not being cheeky or trying to deceive you, he really doesn't know! But that is why, he's getting attention--100% full focused attention, and that is what he's craving. Give it to him for positive actions and the negative actions will slowly fade away.

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