Is there anyone that can give ideas to getting a preschooler to like school?

Melissa - posted on 09/05/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son who is 4 hates preschool. He screams bloody murder when I drop him off and he refuses to go. I need some ideas on what to do.


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Meanie - posted on 09/08/2009




Establish a routine. Morning chocolate milk, coffee milk, orange juice, something special before getting ready for school. Sing a rise and shine song. After that speedy break, Brushing teeth, dressing, etc in order .. everyday the same way. Thats the important part. This gets tricky.. because you must get creative with a sales pitch to teach him something to look forward to. My daughter was the same grumpy girl to even get in the car to leave. Talk to teacher about show and tell. It always was exciting to share a special toy or song or story with friends. And you can make a chart for the fridge with happy and sad face stickers. That was the for sure way my daughter worked for. She couldn't stand having a sad face for the entire day (no matter how good she was for the rest of the day) that morning smile/sad sticker really got to her. Only you can establish what works for your son, because nobody knows him better than you.

Bribe them with stickers and candy to make it a real treat .. that he has to be a "big boy" to earn it by not crying. I used to tell mine.. stop it.. everyone is going to be staring at you when they see the way you are acting. And reassure him.. its only for a few hours and mommy will have the rest of the day with you. But be very cautious and find out "why" he doesn't want to go to prek to see if it is a conflicting attitudes with the teacher or another child.

Kati - posted on 09/06/2009




As a Mom of 4 ages 14- 5 and preschool teacher:
There are already some great ideas on this board. When you drop your son off in his class room be strong do negotioate are argue or debate with him. Tell him I love you have good day and I'll see you later, hand him over to his teacher and walk out, as parent this was the hardest thing I had to learn. As preschool teacher I know it's for the best your child senses you worry or anxiety and it will make him anxious or afraid. Both my boys went through the same thing and I sent a few mornings sitting in my car crying but my consistency paid off, this past yeqar my 5 year started Kindergarten and left me standing in the hall without even a good bye.
Big hug for you girl.

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My daughter has been doing this since school started here also. She's 4 and my son is 3. They both go to the same preschool. He loves it while she doesn't. Anyway, last week we started this chart at home that for every day she goes into school without crying, she gets a mark. So does her brother. Each mark counts as one dollar. Once they get 10 marks, we will go to the store and let them pick out whatever they want with their money. They go 4 days a week so if they received a mark everyday, I'd be spending the $10 each about every 2 1/2 weeks. Once we get in the habit of not crying and hopefully enjoying school, we will slowly reduce the prize frequency. I know it's probably not the best way, but the 2 days since we started were zero crying days! =) Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you!

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My first suggestion would be to ask the teacher what happens about 5 mins after you're gone. It may very well be that he's pitching a fit for you and is a little angle for the teachers during the day. A couple of questions come to mind: 1) is this his first year in a school setting or has he been in day care before 2) what does the teacher do to help you in the morning? The teachers should be able to recognize when you need help and guide him to do something else so you can leave. When you get him in the afternoon ask him about what his favorite thing was and what all he did. Then on the ride in to school, talk about all the fun things he'll be able to do. Be strong! It will pass! =)

Paola - posted on 09/05/2009




Well, when my son was that age, he also refused to go to school and what i used to do was to bribe him, i know it is not so good but it worked for me as i needed to go to work. so what i did, i used to tell him early in the morning or the day before school that if this time he was going to be fine in school and without crying then when i picked him up from school i was going to bring him a surprise and in that time he used to love stickers.

So every afternoon i used to have stickers with me!!! and if he loves sweets you can give him some sweets or maybe for the first day just a small toy and then stickers or his favorite sweet.

First do it everyday for one week then reduce it to 3 times per week and then bribe him every friday and everytime you bribe him tell him this is because you were a good boy this week in school and you did not cry!! i am so proud of you!!! and then little by little you reduce it. bribe him every 15 days and then once a month if he keeps being with the same attitude, but they usually forget after sometime as he will start to make friends in school and start to like school!!

So if it worked for me it may also work for you!!

Good luck!!

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