Is there something wrong with my son????

Talisha - posted on 04/15/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son turned 5 years old in November. Because his birthday is late, he was unable to attend a traditional school so he attends a home school preschool. The prior school year, he attended a Christian preschool. Since attending attending the home school preschool from the beginning of this school year he has learned how to read on a first grade level, he has learned addition/subtraction, states and capitols, etc. In other words, my son is very book smart. Whatever he is taught, he picks up and retains very easily. However, when it comes to common sense questions such as what things are in a bathroom or where do you cook food, he cannot answer the question. He seems to have a difficult time thinking outside of those things he has learned. Its starting to make me think that something may be wrong with him. What are your thoughts? Are there exercises that I can do with him to improve his thinking/understanding skills?


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LaBranda - posted on 04/19/2011




My daughter is fixing to be 7 and she is the same way, this year she has just started to remember EVERYTHING and not look so confused all the time. I think it's normal for kids to go through that when their brains are overloaded with information. If you are really concerned you can do as Maria said and have him tested as well for piece of mind.

Maria - posted on 04/19/2011




This sounds like my son, talked to the doctor & tests were done & we got a diagnoses of Asperger's ...Autism.

Karen - posted on 04/19/2011




He will be fine. You can teach him by maybe playing i spy in a room every now and then or do treasure hunts in specific rooms. To improve his thinking skills let him help you put things away and ask him where he thinks it should go. Try to get him to solve his own problems with help or small problems that you run into. Ex."Oops i accidently spilled some juice. How do you think we should clean this up? Do you have any ideas." Accept all of the answers with a "good idea" If it's an unreasonable answer try to find something funny to add to it, or tell him "good try but hmm i think we can find a better way though, lets think together" maybe throw in a suggestion that hints around such as "maybe we could use a paper towel, but we need something to wash the floor with to take the stickyness off, what could we use for that?" Pretend you are his age while doing this and that you are trying to help him figure it out. They did this at my son's preschool everytime they ran into a problem they could get the kids to solve. He has common sense, you just have to help him activate it. He will do really well in K though. Very smart kid!

Crystal - posted on 04/18/2011




Definitely just talk to him throughout the day, tell him what you're doing (ie. washing dishes, cooking, laundry), and ask him if he'd like to help (with safe things obviously). Ask him to help you put groceries away, or play a game like finding things around the house (i.e. the toothpaste, spoon drawer, pots & pans, etc.). In the car is a great place to just talk ... when we drive, I talk and ask my kids questions about safety, make up scenarios as "what would you do if" and then listen to their answer and correct them when needed.

Candy - posted on 04/18/2011




That happens alot when your are SO smart. Book sense is easy and common sense trips them up. It is very common. I have best friend who is so smart you wonder how she got herself where she is today. I would talk to him through the day. Ask himthings youthink might trip him up and see what he is thinking. He will be fine in life but he may get flustered easily. Dont stress to much. Some thing work themselves out.

Sara - posted on 04/15/2011




if readin at that level then try labling things or keep askin the same questions over and over or ask: what is this?, where does it go? or u can try one of those workbooks that give visual and the physical concept of it. it helped my now 6 yr old but i still do them with him.... u can find it at bjs, or any cheap book store or reg book store

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