it's sooo hard letting them grow up...I know its healthy but how do I let go a little at a time


Charlie - posted on 11/02/2009




let them grow up at their own pace. let them come to you, be there for them. i know it's hard, but you can't be there for everything that will come their way. be there for them when they need you. be their guide and support. let them know that they can talk to you and tell you what they need, hard part is, don't ask them what they need. yes, do talk to them about what they need for the real world. i am over-protective of my girls, probably moreso than others, but my girls tell me everything, and i don't judge them for their opinions, just talk openly and let them know that no matter what you love them and want the best for them. i know it seems just like yesterday that they was in diapers, but then they learned to crawl, walk, and talk, now it's time to let them stretch out their wings while you stand over them to protect them and guide them in the right direction, then when they get old enough, the values that you've taught them while they was young, hopefully they will follow them throughout their lives. i'm still following the positive values that my parents taught me, and applying them to raising my own's about the best thing i can say at this point...the first step is the hardest, the rest get easier...just remember that eventually they will grow up and spread their wings completely out...but they will always be your babies, and nobody will ever love them like you do.

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