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Bobbi - posted on 07/19/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just wanted to pop in and say hello and introduce myself. I am a SAHM and full time student of 2 wonderful children. Our daughter will be 7 this week and our son will be 10 next month. My husband is in the military. WE are both full time students and I will have my Associate degree in December of this year. I recently had foot surgery but once I am healed and able to drive again I am going to begin looking for a part time job since both of my kids are gone all day to school and the hubby all day at work. Anyway just wanted to say hey. Hope everyone has a great day!


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Carla - posted on 07/20/2010




Nice to meet you all! I am not a mother of school-age children, but I am a Grammy of school age children, and love to talk to young mothers about what I had to go through, and if I did it, you can too ;)

Being a mother is the most rewarding/heart-breaking job there is. Especially when dealing with challenges like Lisa. Lisa, Supernanny dealt with ADD and ADHD children. If you can find the episode/episodes, they would be helpful. The most important factor is to remain calm and calm the child. Frustration is one of their biggest challenges; it is your job to have him stop, help him think of a solution, then continue on. Her success was truly remarkable, I strongly suggest you see if you can find the episodes.

God bless you all, have a wonderful day!

Lisa - posted on 07/20/2010




I am new on here as well, having a 5 year old with autism, and an almost 8 year old with ADD. Life is tough, but we take it one day at a time. Maybe tomorrow will be better, but it usually is not. I just want the best in life for my two boys. Daddy works long hours, so he is away alot, and I am home alone. I have anxiety issues, so I try, and i say TRY to stay calm for the boys. They seem to just be total opposites, and butt heads all day. Always looking for new friends! Nice to meet you Bobbi!

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