just wanting to start over again

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Our only son who's nearly five is showing more signs of being DIFFERENT from other children these days. After taking him to a movie at a shopping mall with neighbour boys, we were all exhausted by constantly having to asher him to move on, then having to look for him as he just dashes away out of our sight, but out of all of us, our son was the most exhausted, hitting and crying on my lap on the returning bus. My husband believes that I should go back to work and take the load off him instead of focusing too much on caring for our son, afterall, many professionals have said there is NOTHING WHATSOEVER IS WRONG WITH HIM. I am feeling today that I want to start all over, start from the pregnancy that I miscarried before him, and the 40 hours of birth, and all the sleepless nights until the sleep clinic at the age of 3... I kept hoping and hoping that things will get better and everyone said so... but actually, it's not getting better... take one day at a time they say... maybe my husband is right, but how can I when all he does is to let our son watch TV even for 2 hours of grocery shopping time on the weekend.


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Actually, all I got from your OP was that your son has attention span issues...and that he dashes off at a moments notice...and that after a long day, he was cranky and irritable.

They are all very normal behaviours for a 4-5 YO! They are not little adults, they're kids, and they can't be expected to have the same attention span, nor the same endurance that an adult has!

If you are truly concerned that his behaviour is that out of the norm, then by all means, consult a physician, and have tests run. But, I'd recommend that you get the child out more. Get into playgroups, or as your husband has suggested, put him in a daycare situation, get a job, and quit focusing on just him. He's used to you doing everything. He's used to you giving in to his every demand, whether that's putting food in front of him, taking him to the restroom, playing with him, etc, he knows that if he gets pissy, momma will do something about it...and by that I mean, momma will cave to him, and give him what he asks for.

I'm not saying that you're spoiling the boy, because I don't know that you are. But you just gave one example of behaviour on one day...and I don't know any 4-5 yo that can get through a fun filled day out with friends, to the movies, all the excitement, without being cranky and irritable at the end!

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at some point we all wish we could start OVER. but we cant ... I think you should take him to the Dr. and explain what you are saying here. dont ask for help beg for help. then you must let go of the What if's ? the Why ? Different ? he is yours .. put him in a daycare for children with needs... find ways to cope .. girl its a ride.. good luck.

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