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Kindergarten: Enroll or Wait?

Susan - posted on 05/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Many parents struggle with the decision to enroll their child or hold them back due to concerns about academic, social, emotional or physical development. I am a former kindergarten teacher and have researched, as well as experienced, this dilemma..Are you struggling with this decision? Does your child have these skills?

Enthusiastic and Curious toward Learning: Eager to explore and discover, comfortable asking questions, persists even when task is difficult.
Language Skills: Communicate needs and expresses feelings appropriately.
Ability to Listen. Follows two-step instructions, listens to story without interrupting.
Desires to be Independent. Can be separated from parents for the school day, takes responsibility for personal belongings, uses bathroom by self.
Ability to Interact with Children and Adults. Learning to share, take turns, and problem-solve.
Fine-Motor Skills. Able to hold and use a pencil, cut with scissors, learning to print first name.
Basic Letter and Number Awareness. Sings or recites alphabet, recognize some letters and numbers, counts to ten.

My blog post is researched and has a link to a free 5 minute on-line test:

What would you like to know about Kindergarten Readiness?


[deleted account]

In the UK, children have to be in formal education (either at a school - state or private, or home schooled) legally from the age of 5. I made sure that my three daughters went to playgroup then on through the system, in one of the local playgroups then through the local schools. My eldest is now in the secondary school, and my two youngest are still in the primary school.

Certainly by attending playgroup/school before the legal minimum age, found that my girls' skills came on and they learnt how the school system worked.

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