lieing about being sick and lieing about things for no reason.

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my step daughter is lieing about being sick she is going as far as making her self throw up and i dont know why. then there was a time i asked her what happened to her earing and she said she threw it away and i asked her why did she do that and she said she didnt after she told me she did and said her dad did because it feel out in the tub. and he heard her and said he never did and we asked her what happen to the earing and why would she lie about it and she just says bc or i dont know. and its not the first time she has lied about something like that she swore to her father in front of me at 7 in the morning that i woke her up for school and i didnt wake him up and i didnt wake her up. to come to find out she woke up bc she heard her grandfather getting ready for work and instead of saying so. she lied to her dad and had him mad at me thinking i woek her up and went back to bed and didnt wake him up. huh!! what do i do !!!! it just seems to be getting worse and we take rewards away and try to explain to her how these things are wrong but she doesnt seem to get it.

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Sometimes kids lie because they want to see what they can get away with and sometimes kids lie because there's a problem or feeling they don't know how to handle. Either way, let her know that you love her, you're there for her, & she can talk to you about anything. However; lying is completely unacceptable. I don't know how old she is, but you know what she likes and what a good punishment would be. When I was growing up, I got to write lots of sentences. It wasn't that fun having to write 50 paragraphs about what I did wrong and How I will not do it anymore. My son was lying to me for a while and I told him since I couldn't trust him, he couldn't do things away from me. He didn't like that much.

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My daughter did this, also. Your girl has a problem that she doesn't feel she can talk to you or your husband about, and she is acting out. Not having any family nearby, I took my daughter to a counselor who figured it out. Try finding a family member/close friend your step-daughter trusts, and ask him/her to talk with her. When she gets her feelings validated, she should gain some trust and confidence in you and your husband and start letting you in. God Bless.

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I am having the same problem with my 11 yr old son. I am in the same boat as you. It seems as if we are the bad guys because we try to enforce a little bit of disipline. I wish I knew what to do to help, but I mostly just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I wish you luck and maybe someone will have some help you, and me.

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