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Pamela - posted on 08/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'm looking for some advice and opinions. I have been married for 12 years but want to go back to using my maiden name again. I don't like my husband's last name but I took it when we got married because at the time I didn't know I had the option of keeping my maiden name. He understands this and is ok with it. The part I am mostly looking for advice for is about our 10 year old daughter. She doesn't like the name either and has asked to have her last name changed to my maiden name as well. My husband was made fun of a few times as a kid because of the name so he would agree to let her change her name if she really wants to. We live in a small town so I am afraid of what people will think or say if we go ahead and do this. I have never heard of anyone changing their child's last name unless the parents were divorcing or something, but that is not our situation. She is going into grade 5 and is known by all of her friends and the teachers by her current name so how weird would it be to change it now? I guess I need others opinions about this, I just don't know what to do!


Chaya - posted on 08/28/2012




You can take your old name back, you can take a name out of the phone book, or one from a character in a book, as can your daughter. Who cares what other peopl think? My sister changed her name after her mom passed, and I took my great grandmothes name. I took my grandmas name because I knew my new first name would end in an a, and my dad's last name begins with an a, I didn't like that, one can't tell where the first and last names begin and end. My step mother wasn't happy about it, but I didn't do it for her, her opinion didn't count

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