Looking for new ways to teach my four year old daughter.

Tammy - posted on 05/26/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is bright but guesses at all the answers. I quiz her on her alphabet or numbers and she just guesses. It is frustrating. I am very patient with her but I need new ways to encourage her. My son is very smart and two years older then her and I think that intimidates her. I want to give her a confidence boost and encourage a love of learning. Any suggestions?


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Jeannie - posted on 05/26/2010




teaching them is a very good thing but pressing the issue may be to much, she will have that in school, right now it should be teaching the basics but also allowing her to still be a child...(im not saying you arent). Always tell her ur proud of her and that no matter what she can do anything she wants to as long as she puts effort into it, just because bubby knows the things and you don't it doesn't make him better or smarter then you..... I did alot of flash cards and alphabet blocks, magnets w my son and made it fun into a game, i used a childs chalk board to teach him how to write his name, letters and numbers.....good luck sweetie, it's worse when they go to school, teachers push to much on the kids anymore and expect to be geniuses.... hope that helped, good luck.

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My daughter was the same when i would do numbers etc with her she was guessing or had no real interest at times but once she started school she did so well.The teacher was brilliant and told me her ability to learn and pick things up fast was impressive.She had a test of 40 words a few months into the school year and only got two wrong.

I think for us the act up a bit lol.Maybe once in school with the teachers way of going about it will do her wonders.

She was writing at 3 and doing numbers etc from 1&half.She was always very smart and advanced i was told by her health nurse and doctor but at times she just had no interest in doing it with me lol.So school has really helped her greatly and shes top of her class.

I found teaching through song was good and its fun.Number songs etc or also children's work books are great.My daughter used to buy a nickelodeon magazines with writing and numbers etc in them.One thing i found is not to push it on them.If there willing to do it then do it other wise the will get frustrated.

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