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Christina - posted on 04/26/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 7-year-old son has developed this weird habit of stretching his mouth wide open really frequently. It seemed to start once when the sides of his mouth were dry from a cold, and now it's a completely uncontrollable, thoughtless habit. I've gotten him to stop other habits (like nose-picking) in the past by rewarding him with extra allowance if he stops for a specific period, but this one seems way beyond his ability to recognize the action or control it in any way. I have no idea what to do, am looking for any success stories out there!


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my daughter mili done exactley the same thing....which drove me crazy.... i tried everything to stop her from doing it nothing worked then i totally ignored it it was hard not to tell her to stop it but once i stopped making it an issue with mili she seemed to slowly stop doing it mite work with your son good luck :) paw paw ointment is great while its sore n dry

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