Mania and hypersexuality in an 8 year old girl.

Diane - posted on 05/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am actually the proud grandmother of Anna.
Anna's father is my son who has ADHD with severe depressive illness .
Both of Anna's parents are high achievers with high energy levels .
On Anna's family tree on both sides are several manic depressive sufferers .
One of my sisters( Maggie) , now in her 70s , is/ was like Anna , in that from infancy she was extremely intelligent, conniving, and hyperactive, with a strong desire to usurp mother as maternal head of house. With
Maggie's manic behaviour came this heightened interest in sex even in preschool years .

Having seen the sad outcome of my sister Maggie , I fear for Anna.
I would dearly love to help my precoius grandaughter, who exhibits a heart of gold.
From 4 years of age she has been wanting professional help for her severe temper outbursts.
She has accessed this help but not given medication. She is better now at handling her temper. .

All I am asking is whether anyone you know of has suffered such an experience even personally or within neighborhood or friends .

I know from my own medical knowledge that if one catches these mood diseases early enough , you can lessen the extreme swings later in life .

Please help with any useful thoughts you may have on the matter.


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