Moms with children with Peanut allergies

Rebecca Lewis - posted on 04/07/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a mom with a 5 year old with a peanut allergy- it was just Easter (2010) and to you Moms with kids with peanut allergies- arent holidays just a special mess? Try to find a chocolate bunny NOT manufactured in a faciity that may have contact with peanuts! Then there are the well meaning older relatives who have been told countless times about the allergy, and still bring the same M&M bags, or who have difficulty seeing the small print on the labels (so just dont bother to read them at all!) and you have to take the chocolate rabbit away from the child.... and oh, it can be SOO frustrating!
Fortunately, there are some good websites with everything from "cool allergy bracelets" (necklaces and such that your kids will actually WANT TO WEAR) to websites who specialize in peanut free gift baskets and such. I am starting to compile a list of these sites- and would love some input as to good sites, ideas for families dealing with this allergy. Please email me your input, or email me and request a list fo these sites and I will be glad to share what I might have with you!
Otherwise, please use this format to connect with other like-families!

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