Mouthy 7 Year old Girl

Sarah - posted on 08/23/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My Daughter has just turned 7 but seems to be going on 16. Now not every day is a bad day with her but we do have more bad days with her than I would like. For example Cleaning her room today She was told to clean it she did but then when I went in there and told her she missed some stuff and to please clean it up she told me No so then I said well I will just throw it away if you dont want to clean it up, and she again said no but with more attitude, So when I went down to go pick up the toys she SCREAMED, DONT YOU DARE! I then tell her She does not need to yell at me like that and she then continues to mouth off and scream.....I have tried taking away toys, grounding her I have even gone as far as literally getting RID of toys, which all those punishments will work for a few days and then BOOM back to mouthy 7 year old going on 16. Any other advice on how to get through to her and her Mouth??


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