my 3yr.old sons has become potty resistant ive tried it all, can anyone help

Amanda - posted on 05/17/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




my son is 3 about to be 4 in oct. and start school in aug. he needs to start using the potty and it has been a huge struggle with him about it ever since he was one. his Dr. said he's potty resistant and to leave it alone for awhile and try again. all that did was make things harder. we have tried all kinds of ways to get him to go but its just a big fight. he has a baby sister that happens to still be in diapers and still needs to, we've explain why she dose and he dose not but we get nothing. we could really use some help


Karen - posted on 05/17/2011




We told our son that he was too big and they don't make his size. It's a little white lie but we had to do something. he was getting terrible rashes from diapers/pullups/ect. To show him, we tried putting one of his sister's diapers on him and it hurt his little sides. So, he then saw that they don't fit anymore. Then it was underwear only. When he'd mess I'd make him wait to get changed cause I was busy. But I would use that time to explain to him that mistakes happen and it's ok. It feels uncomfortable, maybe itchy, sore, ect. I told him that it could give him boo boos if he keeps doing it so, he needs to try harder next time to make it to the potty, and that I would help him to get there faster if he told me when he had to go. once we had that talk I would then wash him up and put clean clothes on him and talk about how good he must feel to have dry clothes and a very clean bum. He was awarded with cartoon underwear (any kind he wanted). This worked for my daughter too.

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