My 4 year old son is getting in trouble every day at do I discipline?

Jessica - posted on 09/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 year old son started PreK this year. (He has been in Daycare since he was 6mon, so he is used to the environment). However, he has come home everyday with notes of things he did wrong. Hitting, screaming, hiding from the teacher, throwing things, spitting, cussing, etc. He has been sent to the office 3 times. Now the thing is, he doesn't go through ANY of that at the daycare. (he is in PreK in the morning and Daycare in afternoons). And he is fine at home, a happy kid that just wants to play with mom and dad. But at school he seems to be one of the bad kids.

We have taken his TV time away, put him in the corner, had talks with him, even tried making him do more chores than usual. I'm at a loss of what the next step is. My husband thinks we should "whoop his butt", though I'm not totally in agreement with that. I was never spanked as a child so am not comfortable doing it to mine. He, however, came from a strict upbringing and believes that is just what our son needs.

Suggestions? Please!


Diana - posted on 09/26/2012




Your son sounds like my daughter. When we took everything away she replied "I can always sing!" Speak to his teacher to find out when he is most disruptive, then have a quiet talk with him at home one on one. Don't get angry. Ask questions. Does he like his class? Does he like his teacher? What doesn't he like about school? Has he made any friends? When we spoke to our daughter we found out she was bored. The teacher learned to notice when her attention started to wander and would set her to work.

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