my 4 yr old has not wanted to listen to me

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my 4 yr old son has not listen to me at all in the past few months i have tryed everything and nothing is working i dont know what else to do with him and at night he fights with me about going to sleep i am wore out dose anyone have any ideas on what else i can do

the things i have done:

grounded him from tv and toys

put him in time out

spend time with him-bc i have other son that is 8 months old and babysitting a 2 yr old

i dont know what else to think of


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Deepti - posted on 02/22/2011




he is too young to be punished... may be he wants ur attention and feels left out bcoz of other two children .. involve him in ur daily work and make up some story meanwhile dealing with ur younger one ask a family member to attend to him and provide him emotional security.. also visit this useful link for some gr8 information and guidance:

[deleted account]

With my son, it was a matter of him wanting to make his own choices, so I started giving him choices. Would you like to brush your teeth or put your pajamas on first?
Would you like this toothpaste or that one?
Would you like this story, or that one.

The choices give him a sense of control over his world.

I also give him his choice of you want a swat or vinegar on your tongue for saying that word.

When the behavior was starting to go bad, I would tell him he had a choice, change his behavior or get a consequence.

Things at our house are much calmer and quieter now. Hope it works for you!

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