My 4yo Son mashed his feces all over the wall

Rhiannon - posted on 07/23/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4yo almost 5yo son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder last year. Which don't get me wrong it's nice to finally have answers, but it still doesn't seem to fit his symptoms completely. We have been noticing something was different about Him since he was born. He started with never being able to be soothed by anyone from his Grandparents, to My Husband, and not Even Me! As he got older things got worse he would freak out at the grocery store and hide. He has temper tantrums and doctors are always shrugging it off as normal at whatever age, but he is not my first child he is number four out of five and I have raised two nieces as well one of which I took care of for the first four years of her life and she is now 13. So I know what I am doing and what is "normal". He is extremely aggressive towards his 5yo sister and 2yo brother as well as me. He screams bloody murder if I have to give him a bath still and use to make me wash him standing up. He will destroy books, toys, window treatments (blinds and curtains), or anything he can, if there is a dog no matter the size he freaks out, like grabs onto Me and squeezes painfully tight, he is over emotional and it can happen at anytime from crying over something so small to screaming and hitting me minutes later. He also seems to not know or have control of his bowel movements or urination. He also has been smearing his feces on the walls, curtains, blankets, and even on his brothers stuff including his little brothers crib. It is severely difficult for me because I am home alone with Him as well as my 5yo Daughter and 2yo Son from early morning until after dinner time Monday to Friday every week. We don't know where to start to get him reevaluated and get a second opinion?!? It's so frustrating feeling like I am completely alone with no help or support? Anyone have any ideas or insight into any of this? Or anyone dealing with similar behaviors with their Children? Thank You All For Listening!!


FreedomSmellsNice - posted on 07/31/2013




I have a friend that has a child that has sensory issues. I have read a little about it. Therapy works, and sensory toys. Sit n' Spin, vibrating toys. I would do more research and find a good therapist or support group through a children's hospital, meetup's website, or facebook? I am sorry I can't be more helpful. Speak to his pediatrician, too.

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