my 5year old wont eat!!!!

Emma - posted on 01/06/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




all he eats is bread and butter, sugery cereal an sweets, he wont even touch nething else

ive tried to make mealtimes fun but still nothing and always ends in tears, help!!!


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Rebecca - posted on 01/06/2010




i would say try offering a few healthy foods on his plate when he is eating his choice foods. graduallly lessen the amount of unhealthy foods. also i would try buying sugar free food items that have splenda in them if the first option doesnt work. or give him an option of two healthy foods and not the junk foods he wants. it may take a few days or more for him to adjust but as soon as he realizes he likes new foods then he will be willing to try even more !! good luck!!

Jessica - posted on 01/06/2010




It should be fine as long as he gets his milk and a vitamin. Vitamins come in all sorts of themes and varieties to make them 'fun'. There a some really awesome websites that have great food ideas where the kids can get involved and its more like 'eating their art'. have him pretend to be a dinosaur eating the 'trees and leaf eaters'. for me the 'it will make you big and strong like...' never worked. the reward system works too. my son loves to color so i'll let him stay up 5 min later to color or watch 1 movie that day.

My son love his veggies all thanks to Veggie Tales (a christian based short movie series).

Ni Cole - posted on 01/06/2010




Most kids go through this, and it will get better. I agree with the post about helping with the cooking process. Also, try to limit how much he is drinking. I had a friend whose son lived on juice and chocolate milk, and wouldn't eat anything at meal-time. And maybe you could use his favorites as a reward for eating the other stuff. It may sound mean, but don't give him the bread/butter or cereal until he's eaten his other stuff. He may refuse, but don't worry because he won't starve and he will eat when he's hungry!

Meegan - posted on 01/06/2010




Try including him in the cooking process. My daughter will eat anything that she helps cook. It has also helped with introducing her to new foods. An apron and chef hat makes it a little more fun!

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