My 6 yr. daughter doesn't like to eat any vegetables or pulses.

Saumya - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 6 yrs old and didn't like any vegetables or pulses she didn't even like to taste it as she has some phobia. I don't know how to cure this?


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Melanie - posted on 05/03/2010




In our house you are allowed to choose one thing not to eat. so say you are having mashed potato, peas, carrots and broccoli. In your current situation I would put a teaspoon of potato, a couple of peas, a piece of carrot and a small piece of broccoli (or trees as they are known in our house). She can then choose not to eat one. The small amounts mean she only is having a mouthful of each and it won't seem quite a challenge. Have her favourite dessert on hand and give lots of praise. No dessert until you are satisfied with her vegetable consumption for that night. If you are not satisfied no dessert if she refuses to eat no more food until morning.

Also have you tried her on uncooked veges? Some kids aren't a big fan of cooked veges but will eat them raw.

It will be a fight, but if you are firm and take baby steps then you should start a small change. Don't take the enjoyment out of food but at the same time let her know vegetables are an important part of our diet and they need to be eaten. Some of the activities suggested jenifer could also help.

Other ideas which may help - get her involved in the kitchen and preparing/buying of the vegetables. Can you grow some vegetables in the garden/pot plant. easy ones to grow are lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkin (if you have the room), capscicum also herbs such as basil, rosemary. Current research is showing that if children are part of the growing process of a food they are more likely to try it.

Jenifer - posted on 05/03/2010




Vegetable exchanges (servings) are easily filled with fruit servings. If she won't eat any vegetables make sure she gets a wide variety of fruits. The most important vegetables are the green ones, google different ways to hide vegetables in food for kids,or something like that. I made green mashed potatoes with spinach and kale and a food processor. I added butter and salt to cover up the green taste. Blend a small amount of vegetables with fruit to taste. you taste first to see how it taste. Be creative apple sauce is a good base.You need to experiment to see how to trick her. Add cinnamon butter and a pinch of sugar to cooked carrots. If she will eat yams they cover well. Tomato sauce covers almost all veggies well ,just puree them into sauce and add to pasta or pizza. Puree in to cheese for a sauce or soup. If my kids won't try it I tell them if they don't like it they are allowed to spit it out. I've read in different places that a child should be exposed to something at least ten times before you can actually say they don't like it. Try different dressings and sauces,be an example everyone must at least try vegetables. Talk about your most liked veggies and just how they are good for you. Make a food pyramid cut out pictures from magazines. Let her help pick out the veggie for dinner so she can be involved. Let her help with the shopping list,even if she says she won't eat them,this will give you an idea of which vegetables she just might try. Reward trying not just eating. Make vegetable smile faces on pizza or in mashed potatoes. Mix vegetables in with what she will eat and have them at every meal. Be consistent Keep trying and of course make sure she has a daily vitamin or supplement. I hope something here helps, good luck

Karen - posted on 05/03/2010




I have a 6yr old boy that i still puree veg to put in sauces as its the ONLY way he will eat it. They cant taste it, it makes the sauce a bit thicker and also goes further 2. Thats slack I know but cant find any other way 2 do it without stress 2 him or me. If u want to know more on how i do it let me know.

Cheryl - posted on 05/03/2010




I have a 6yrs old daughter the only vegetables she only eats carrots nothing else try something make a meatloaf put someveggs in it she wont know.

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