my 6yr old in not focusing in class always seem distracted, what do I do?plz help.


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Theresa - posted on 10/14/2009




My son has ADD, he has serious issues in the class room. I think you need to figure out how serious the issue is. Most important question, is she not paying attention because she doesn't want to or can't? Is this behavior something that you see at home? ADD does not turn off once the kids get home. Perhaps she is having vision issues or hearing issues? Check that out with the pediatrician. Also schools have someone who should be able to counsel you about this. Call the school and find out who that is. If not at school level, the district will surely have one. My son was constantly just looking everywhere. we'd tell him to put his coat on about a hundred times and he just coudn't focus. I knew something was off. His pre-school teacher chalked it up to being a boy, which i was very dissapointed in. Kindergarten came and I would get a call almost everyday. Something didn't get completed, he wouldn't come to the carpet, things that were easy to the other children took him much longer to get. He couldn't focus, and somethings getting into trouble instead of listening to the teacher. The teachers want to label your child as bad, but he isn't. He just couldn't pay attention. He wasn't hyper active at all. So I thought ADD, no way, but none the less I found myself taking him to the therapist, who recommended more testing. Sure enough that was it. We still have issues with him. School is harder for him. We really have to practice everything. Writing, numbers, reading and take several different approaches to what my other children just got. It's tough, but i'm soo glad we got it figured out. Stick to your gut. Keep working at it until you solve it. If it's a phase it will pass, if it lingers, figure it out. Check out all avenues- ears, eyes, diet, sugar, ADD. Doctors will help if you ask and find the right one! Don't brush it under the rug though. I'm SOO glad I was like a dog with a bone on this one. He is much better for it, and now we can really help him!! His behavior took a complete turn around. He knows he has to work harder, but that he's not dumb. He can get it, he does get it. Just takes longer. I'm soo glad i caught it before reading started. He would have been soo behind and upset and the difficulty of it. GOOD LUCK!!

Ashley - posted on 10/09/2009




Can I tell you that I am going through this right now also. My daughter is not focusing in school and bascially is letting her eyes float around the room when she is supposed to be paying attention. Well, I talked to the teacher, and we both decided that itd be best if I had my daughter tested and evaluated for A.D.D. We are actually attending a meeting next week for be briefed on how the process works. From what you wrote and what my daughter is going through, Id say it sounds like the same thing. Talk to the teacher and get thier opinion. Hope it works out

Erika - posted on 10/09/2009




kid need a lot of positive feedback. praise your child A LOT when he or she has a good day and have some kind of reward so he or she will want to continue that behavior. do not reward bad behavior. we took away the tv and toys when my daughter came home with a bad conduct grade, when she does good we do speacial things like the park or just quality time with mom one on one. they are looking for attention so make a big deal of the good days so they will want that attention and not settle for the attention they get when they misbehave.

Tiffany - posted on 10/09/2009




i seem to be having the same problem! my daughter has always been a handful, but she can do the work at home. i don't understand why she's not applying herself at school. she's in kindergarten. on the other hand i have a daughter in the fourth grade also who's always been a A/B student until this year. she brought a D home on her interim report. come to find out she's not getting along with her teacher this year and that's where her problems lies. if i was you i'd contact the school and have a heart to heart with the proper people and see what the problem really is. it might be something simple and quickly fixed. if not i'd contact you pediatrician and see if it's something else. i know how discouraging it can be for a parent, but we have to remember it's twice as discouraging for the child.

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