My 7 year old does not sleep in another room.

Meena - posted on 07/06/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 7 year old daughter does not sleep in another room. Two years back she started sleeping in next to my bedroom in her own bed alone. She shared the room with her eldeder brother. Both sleeps in their own bed and were happy. Suddenly when my MIl visited us, my daughter moved to my bed. And till now she is sleeping with me. Please suggest something...Are there other moms facing the same problem..I want to make her comfortable and assure her that I am always around, even in the night also.


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When my boys were that age I said Ok bed time walked them to their room and sat read them a story then turned off the light told them that mommys bed is for mommy and your bed is for you. I sat there till they fell asleep for a few days then one of them said night mom dont shut the door when you leave and leave on the bathroom light please. I said want me to leave now, yes mom ok kissed their heads and went to the other room.

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Meena - posted on 07/07/2011




Thanks a lot for replying..seems to be a good idea...but due to very hot weather in India, I am scared of putting her bed on floor as there are insects, lizards and cocroaches coming out in the night time..But I would try this for later some time..

SomeRandomMother - posted on 07/07/2011




My friend had the same issue ... she gradually moved her daughter out. First they moved her daughter to a bed on the floor of the mom's room. After a little while they started removing padding from the bed (making it less comfortable) When the daughter complained about the discomfort they reminded her that she had a super comfy bed in her own room.

When the daughter agreed to try her own bed the mom would lay with her until she fell asleep. If the daughter got up in the night and came to mom's room, the bed on the floor was there for her.

It took about a month of baby steps but eventually the daughter got used to her own room again, and even would go to sleep without the mom there.

Best of Luck!

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