My 7 year old wont stay in bed

Dawn - posted on 12/22/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey everyone just looking for some advise! I have a 7 yearl old daughter who keeps getting up at night and comes to my room with every excuse thought of. At first I thought it was becasue she was sharing a room with her 4 year old sister so I moved her out and Now the 7 year old has her own room. She slept fine didnt get up for about a week. But now it seems worse. Sometimes when she comes in it seems like she is sleep walking and she talks and she is easy to put back to bed. Its just the repeated getting up everynight and doing this. Can anyone help me? Any ideas would be great!


Roberta - posted on 01/02/2010




My daughter did that for a couple months when she was seven...she is now eight. I think she was sleep walking. She talked to me and everything but what she was saying didnt make sense. I would bring her back to her room and lay with her for a couple of minutes and then she would fall back to sleep. It was very frustrating for me because she was always waking me up and I had to work in the morning. I dont know if this is good advice but this is what i did. I didnt let her eat or drink anything after 6 and I put her to bed at 8:30. I would lay with her for a little bit and made sure she was asleep. Then i would go to bed around 10. She eventually stopped waking up. I then would just lay with her every other night and then lessened it until I was just tucking her in and kissing her good night.

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