My 9 y/o is having problems in school

Rana - posted on 10/06/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok so he has been home schooled for 3 years. We decided (with me kicking and screaming) to send him to a public school this year thinking maybe it would be better for him. Well now its about 4 weeks into the school year and he is having trouble. It's like everything he knew last year just fell out of his head over the summer. That isn't even the real problem. He has had a rough start every year. I emailed his teacher out of concern after he brought his graded work home. All things he knows but did just terrible. she figured it would be better to call than to email a response. She proceeds to tell me that our options are to put him back a grade or get him meds for A.D.D. Ok if it doesn't come out that he had A.D.D so be it. We will work with that and do what it takes just like any parent would. but I just don't get how she can diagnose him as a teacher. She is not a psychologist and has only known him for a few weeks. And according to the principal she didn't bring any of this up, it all came from me. I tried talking to him about getting my son into a different class but he made me feel like some over protective crazy parent and said at this time it's not an option. He wants to wait until conferences and go from there. Now what if he falls farther behind? And I'm not so sure she is going to want to be in the same room with us now that we know she is a liar. I do have appointment to get him assessed for A.D.D because I have sometimes wondered. I have brought it to his peds attention and he asked me all kinds of questions and doesn't feel he is anything other than a normal kid. I just don't know how to begin to process any of this. help!!


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i feel for u i have a 10yr old boy with ADHD and it is a struggle to get help i understand the school has alot of children to look after. Would like to know why you chose home schooling to begin with was there a problem at a previous school. you will be like starting a child in grade 1 over here taking him to school for the first time, it took my son the whole first term to settle in which is 10 weeks in Australia. So hang in there get him assessed and take it from there. Find out if your school has a guidance officer, they helped me out a great deal. It was also my son's teacher that suspected my son had ADD also they watch their patterns. But it sounds like your son's teacher may not of agreed with home schooling and if he doesn't like her he wont respond to learning from her, keep pushing for a different teacher it is your right as a parent. GOOD LUCK

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