My 9 year old is having trouble with school work, does anyone have any advice?

Jessica - posted on 04/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter just turned 9 and is having trouble with her reading and finishing her class work on time with the other children. I have put her in a tutoring program to help with her and I even set up a routine at home to help her but she still seems to be struggling. I know that she will have to repeat next year, the schools dont think she needs special ed, but she is still slow at getting her work done. she can do the work and knows the work but she is never able to finish the work with the rest of the class. I have talked with the teachers about maybe giving her a little bit of extra time (like 5 or 10 min) to finish the work but they don't. i don't know what else to do, does anyone have any advice? Thank you all.


Abigail - posted on 04/03/2013




Have you talked to her Dr. yet?
Have you asked for the school psychologist to take a look/study her?
Does she have a hard time focusing or paying attention?
Is she hyper or very active and can't stay still?

When my son was in 1/2 grade he was the same. The teacher wanted him to repeat 1st grade because she felt he was to immature and not ready for second. I disagreed and didn't allow the retention. By 2nd grade the teacher was complaining that he was not focusing and was having a hard time staying on task like the other children. It was then I realized there must be something else going on. So I had him evaluated by the school psychologist but ended up on taking him to his Dr. and was referred to a professional psychologist. It was then we found out he has ADD and (APD) Auditory Processing Discrimination. That just means that the way his brain process things are different than what he hears/sees, there for making him slower. His not hyper or very active as, in fact he's totally the opposite.

Sometimes there's more happening than we can see/notice. Maybe there's some APD going on or ADD. Your daughter might know what she's doing and how to do it, but her brain tells her other wise therefore making her slower. It sounds like a more underlying issue that the schools are not capable of catching at first hand. You have to request for the school psychologist to evaluate her and see if he/she can get to the source. Or you can talk to her Dr. and ask for the same, which would be best. Just a thought.

Hope that helps, good luck

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