My child keeps spitting!!!

Sherri - posted on 01/26/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My little boy started Kindergarten this year, and he has been getting into trouble a lot because he spits on the other kids. I believe he is doing this when he gets upset. He also put his butt in someones face this week. We've tried timeouts, taking toys away, grounding, etc. Nothing seems to be working so far. He doesn't like to talk to us about any of this.. He is very smart in school; He just doesn't know how to behave. We don't know where any of this comes from. It is not something he sees at home. He is a very loving child, and he does like to be a "class clown". Any suggestions on how to get this annoying habit to stop???????


Kristen - posted on 01/27/2011




He's doing it because he's getting a reaction from those around him, especially hearing you say he's class clown. Kids probably laughed at the butt-face issue and others probably laugh when he spits- as long as it isn't at them. I would suggest talking with his school's counselor and using her resources- things at home you can try and/or if she can pull him out of class for a bit each week to discuss feelings, verbalize emotions, etc. I am a pre-k teacher, psychology background, it sounds to me like he's not able to express something he's feeling, so your discipline efforts wouldn't work and the behavior would not stop. This falls right in line with a toddler biting. Once you can get to the root of his feelings and give him the tools to use words as expression, it should cease. Also, with kinder boys, many of them want to be the clown... :) I've found that getting an age-appropriate jokester library book will give him the tool he wants- to be funny- in an alternative form. Help him read it, remember the jokes and tell family/friends and encourage his sharing them at school. Hang in there!


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Lindsay - posted on 11/07/2013




I am having the exact same problem with my son. Spitting, using potty talk (fart, poop...) and getting in trouble for trying to make kids laugh in class. I am going to see the counselor today to see what the best way to address this is. He is such a sweet boy and I don't have much of a problem at home but way from myself or his dad, he forgets how to act. I suspect it the attention he receives when he acts this way so I will be leaning toward the smallest redirecting reaction as possible...

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