My Daughter (7) has a bladder infection.....leaking?

Meaghan - posted on 09/18/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




We have a hsitory, on both sides, of weak bladders/UTI's.
My question is, is it normal for kids to leak during a bladder infection? She never has leaked before.
I'm thinking it's a few things going here that may not be helping her much:
*financial distress from us, I know she feels it, and she knows we may have to sell one of her horses to help aleviate some bills.
*she grew 2 inches in 2 months, and I don't think her body's caught up yet
*she has a new teacher (of course with the new school year), and I don't think she cares for her much, cuz she's fine at home, but has had an accident for 7 school days (but is fine on the weekends).
She's on meds to help clear up the bladder infection, drinking cranberry juice & water, and is also on meds to help her feel that she has to go to the bathroom more.
I'm really stressing here.


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Angie - posted on 09/19/2010




Yes, it's common to have bladder leaks with urinary tract infections. At school she can't go to the restroom as often as she can at home so it's understandable that it happens more at school than at home.

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Hi my name is Heather, when my daughter was in Kindergarten she was so busy playing & learning she just didn't want to stop what she was doing to go to the bathroom at school. She had some accidents.The Dr. told me not to worry children at this age(5-8) will forget to go to the bathroom cuz they are so excited and want to play.I know a friend and her child would hold her self then when she got home the little girl would run to the bathroom everyday after school. I hope this helps =D

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