My daughter age 7 has been attending a private, Christian school since preschool. She has had small classes (11-15 kids) and wonderful teachers. The teachers take the time with each child on a daily basis to develop them to their fullest potential. We are considering switching her to public school which is a good one simply because of the cost. Iam not trying to put a price tag on her education, but I feel as though it is just stretching us to thin, we are talking 600 a month. I am wondering if I should just tough it out, get another job to help pay the tuition or see how she does. Iam so afraid that everything she has learned will come to a holt in a public school as she is atleast a grade ahead in private. She also has speech therapy through that same public school that comes to her once a week at her school and has done great, still minor issues but much progress has been made. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Davina - posted on 06/08/2013




Thank you for your input:) Unfortunately, homeschooling is not an option as I have to work my fulltime job. I know the school she would be attending is great, I guess I am just concerned about learning negative behaviors from others. She also has been in a Christian school where Bible is one of her subjects and while it is acceptable to pray and talk of Jesus there, it will not be at a public school. I am just not sure she will understand that and I fear the day will come that another child gets hurt or ill and she Prays for them. She will no doubt as she has a big heart for Jesus. I don''t think I would handle it well for her to get in trouble for praying for another child. Still considering things.......

Enna - posted on 05/30/2013




Well, I think it depends a lot on how good the school district is where you live. My daughter went to private school for 2 years, then we decided to move her, and she was really happy. It was also amazing to see the diversity in the new school. When she had her birthday party there were so many different races that between 8 kids, only two were white. I was so impressed because I never would have had a group of friends like that when I was in school. And the kids all came from really nice families.
Since then we've moved, and now her school (also public) is amazing. The opportunities are great, the teachers are great. They set very high standards, so the kids are really well behaved. It's amazing to walk through the school when classes are changing because it's so quiet. The classes are hard, so my daughter has to work hard to get good grades. I wouldn't change her school for a private school. I really think it would be a step down.
If you aren't in a great school district, then I would suggest doing extra work with her after school. You can also talk to the teacher for enrichment work ideas.

Renata - posted on 05/29/2013




Have you thought about homeschooling? It's an option that I am considering for my son. There's nothing wrong with his school and he's learning quite a bit, and after a couple of months of him not wanting to go to school at all, he has changed to loving school and he can't wait to get out the door.

Look at the laws regulating homeschooling your children, you'd be surprised how little work is involved. No curriculum, no testing, no course prep. That doesn't mean that learning does not take place. But there is a school of thought that says you teach whatever that child is interested in at that moment. The theory goes on to say, that children retain a lot more of the information and for longer. There is tons of things to consider so do some research before you say ya or nay on this.

Other then that you could change her to the public school and just make sure you are feeding her brain when she's at home with you. The problem I have with the public school systems is that my son learns bad behaviour from some other children, and then there is the bullying factor, and then comes peer pressure. They don't get that much real learning in during a regular school day.

Whatever you choose to do I think your daughter will be just fine, because she has a mommy who really cares about her education.

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