My daughter is 4.3years old. She doesnt like story books. When i call her for reading books she says no

Jerina - posted on 04/05/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




How to give interest to books for my 4 year old.

She stays with me at home. Just watch TV for long, play for little, do some craft work. But when reading comes she say no. may be is the way I read or its her with book.

Need help. Is it ok for a 4 year old not to like book?


Tamara - posted on 04/05/2012




There are other ways to generate an interest in reading with your child. Have you let her choose a story? You can record your voice while reading and play it back to find out how your read to her and then work to improve if this is the issue.

Have you asked your daughter wha she doesn't like about books? Maybe the stories don't interest her?

My kids love to have me read to them but they choose the story. My daughter who is nearly ten, doesn't like to read but will read books based on TV programs, ie, Phineas and Ferb.

If your daughter likes Dora or Tinkerbell, there are stories that include those tv characters.

Have a look around to see what there is available to you that could relate to what she is interested in. There is also a new book put out by Heather Ross about a little girl who likes crafts. You can find this online at Amazon and I hope that a local bookshop can get it in for you. It is called Crafty Chloe and is recommended for children aged four and over so will be perfect for her.

You could also spark her interest in reading through craft by reading the insructions from a craft book when doing an activity.

By engaging in her interests and using them to influence the reading material, you can gain your daughter's interest in reading books. Take her to a bookshop if you can, and let her choose something. It will be a great way to help her to become interested.

Good luck!


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Monica - posted on 04/07/2012




my oldest daughter Grace didnt like books at first either. but i found that when you reward them for it, they are more eager to read. sometimes i take grace and her friends to the library wo play and it definetly encourages her to read.

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