My daughter is 8 and tries to please everyone but me. She's angry when I correct her.

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What can I do to get her to take responsibility and not push me to the brink of yelling at her and then holding a grudge. Is this normal rebellion? She is an only child and "doesn't want to grow up."


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children need disapline. they love a rountine and are happier for it. she is pushing your buttons. when you say or need something from her make sure you follow through with it.remain calm yelling and lossing the rag on makes you feel guilty afterwards.being an only child she has all the attention it is normal be patient and strict. if you have to repeat to her 45 times they so be it. she soon will get the message.

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Welcome to the club, lol. I love my daughter but she's been moody and headstrong since day one. Over the years, I've learned to admire her ability to have her own thoughts and tell her how important it is to be a thinker, especially as a female. I encourage her to make choices by creating a partnership with her. Small things like helping to plan dinner or pick out what to wear. Whenever she makes a good choice all on her own, I make a big deal over it and reward her with more "grown up" responsibility, like helping her little brother with homework or learning to cook a new food. I also remind her that poor choices will put her in time-out and take away her privileges. But as an adult her poor choices can land her in jail and she will lose her freedom.

To help with attiude, I give her the respect I want in return. Although I believe children should obey and respect, I try hard not to be a godlike figure. For example, we had a frank discussion about rules. I told her she didn't have to like my rules, she just had to follow them because they protect her. Then I told her I have to follow rules too and explained some laws I don't like but must follow. She laughed so hard, she cried. And during New Years our whole family each wrote down something about the other's personality that needs improvement. She's bossy and rude and I point it out when she's doing it. She says I'm forgetful and smothering. She really gets a kick out of busting my chops. But we've both come a long way and realize we need each other to be better people.

Sorry to go on long. Just want you to know I feel your pain. Patience and understanding goes a long way though. Good luck and if you need an ear I'm here :)

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