my daughter is going to be starting kindergarten next year what should i do to prepare her?


Danielle - posted on 04/19/2010




letter sound recognition, sight words (your school website may have a list of the top 100 they need to know by the end of 1st grade), cutting (draw lines on paper with different sharpies in various thickness- straight and curvy and let her practice cutting), writing her letters lowercase and capital, counting, writing her name (first and last if you can) and teach her to tie her shoes- some teachers are very particular about this one. And read with her every day and each night... let her read to you, even her telling you a story from the pictures is reading. You cannot read with her enough- trust me she will need to read a lot in kindergarten. Good luck and have fun and don't push too much- kindergarten is very challenging today compared to years ago. In my son's class they write over 1,000 words per month! They are required to read several books a week and even do reading comprehension "texts" worksheets, they author and illustrate their own books too. Make sure you don't push too much and just spend as much time as you can enjoying her this summer before she is gone at school for the next 12 years +! Good luck. The dry erase idea is a great idea!

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Just go over letters and numbers with her. You can get those dry-erase books where she can practice. The most difference will probably be the social aspect. Is she currently at a daycare with other kids? If she has been home with you til now, she may find being around a bunch of kids "different". Sign her up for some public daycare or camps during the summer. But if she's already been introduced to that, then you'll probably have no problem. My daughter is starting this Sept and the school has a day where she gets to come and meet the teacher in June. Just another step to prepare them for the big day.


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Angi - posted on 04/22/2010




Its crazy to think of all that kids have to know now! My daughter doesn't start till next year and we have started working with her now. I thought I was doing good with all my daughter knows, now I am not to sure! lol! We are going to start alot of the suggestions this upcoming Monday... Good luck with yours!

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If your child is writing their name, make sure it's the correct way. First letter capitalized, the rest small. My daughter's name is Savannah and it's much easier to write the capital letters which is what we taught her. But the teacher wants them to write their names correctly, so Savannah really struggles with this because it's not what she's used to. Also, work on patterns and rhyming words.

Isha - posted on 04/21/2010




I did the hooked on phonics with my son and the V-Tech learning video's. He learned words, and I sat him down with him and practiced writing. You can get those books that have the children trace the letter, words, and numbers. This will help your child get comfortable with holding the pencil, and crayons. But each state, town, or city has a different kinder program. So I would check with the school the child would be attending. Also try to the Teacher Supply Store.

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when my son was in K here is what they did.... ABC's, writing, counting to at least 50, reading "sight" words, A, at, for of on etc.. letter sounds, sounding out words, math, .... a good thing to get are those ready for school workbooks ... they really helped my son!

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