My daughter of 6 do not want to go school anymore, What can I do?


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Rebecca - posted on 03/01/2010




why does she not want to go to school?

something is going on at school that is making her not want to go.

on the weekend we were over at a friend of my 6 year old daughter's -- i.e. we went to meet the parents. we found out that on friday their son (who is in my daughter's class) came home saying that he didn't want to go to school anymore. his mother initially couldn't get any reason from him, but being patient and talking to him for a while, it emerged that our children's teacher had sticky taped his mouth shut because she said he was talking to much. he felt so humiliated by this that he did not want to tell his mother (a usually very communicative child) and that he felt that he was stupid and would never do well at school. my daughter also said she didn't like her teacher anymore and that her teacher was becoming 'cruel' (her words).

the parents of the boy already spoke to the teacher this morning and i am going to speak to her when i pick my daughter up this afternoon. i suppose most parents might react by wanting the teacher fired -- i would rather insist that she gets a course on positive discipline in the classroom.

in your daughter's case, it could be HER teacher, ANOTHER teacher, other KIDS, etc etc ... only she can tell you what the problem is and then you have to talk to the school.

HELEN - posted on 03/01/2010




My 6 year old son was the same way. At first he tried to say the kids were mean to him. So of course I talked with his teacher. I think it was because in kindergarten he came home by 12 noon First grade... he is in school until 3 pm. Its a big change for them not to see their Mommy for such a long time. Try and see if you can help in the classroom at least once or twice a week. 30 minutes or even a hour if you can spare it. Believe it or really does help!! My son would ask me are you coming to school today!!! If I said yes he would get a huge smile and be so happy. And they need to know that you miss them too! I hope this helps!!!

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