My daughter who is 4 still wets in daytime, , I need help!


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Stacie - posted on 05/09/2010




Have you tried letting her pick out her undies? My daughters never wanted to pee on Dora or princesses. Maybe that could help. Or talk to her and tell her that she can't do something she wants to do until she stops having accidents. Have her stop, pee, stop, pee when she goes. It's like a game to them, but very good for them to start something like that early...

Alison - posted on 09/01/2009




We have a boy who is 4 and we are still having trouble getting him to stop having accidents. What seems to be working for him is we made a chart and each time he goes in and goes potty all by himself without being told he gets a sticker and a quarter. When he gets 10 stickers he gets to go to the dollar store and buy himself a toy. Teaches him to earn things and is helping the potty training.

Karrie - posted on 08/31/2009




Just remember to remain POSITIVE! My now 5 yr old still has accidents occassionally because he is busy. So we put a sticker on the calendar every day he is dry & it has worked wonderfully. He loves to show the relatives when they come over & is very proud of himself. Just remain consistent & positive...

Ilene - posted on 08/31/2009




the best thing we did was to put ds into regular underwear. No plastic pants, no pull-ups. Once he was wet a few times he realized how much he did not like it. We also made him clean up his own mess. If he needed clothing changed...he had to do it (with my urging of course). He had to put those clothes in the hamper, and put new clothes on. He also had to help clean up any mess left behind on the floor. All while he was missing whatever he wanted to be doing instead. Once he realized that he was doing all of the work and missing out on stuff, he stopped wetting/messing himself.

Hope that helps.

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