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I am a single mother of a nine yr old girl and her behaviour is really bad can anyone help me? Just wondering if its a pre teen thing or could it be something else.


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Sarah - posted on 09/07/2013




I'm not in your shoes since I'm married so all my kudos for you on addressing this solo. However, here's my suggestion. Have an absolute clear talk with her about how much you love her and how much you're concerned about her behavior. Make it clear to her that you are going to start cracking down on her but that she should be clear this is out of concern for her long term wellbeing.
Then focus on creating clear expectations and consequences. Even write them down and post them. And be absolutist about following through so she knows you're for real. Finally - spend as much time as possible with her. It's harder to discipline a child who is a stranger to you. The more time you have together the easier it is to balance off the relaxed moments with the strict moments.

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I think its happened suddenly but my daughter has a speech problem as well. I think this maybe a build up of some personal issues with her father as she has not seen her dad for almost nine years. We also have issues with housing as well.

These things i guess all add up. Im also wondering were do i get professional help from.
Thanks for the post

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Has it happened suddenly or has it been building up over time? Either way have a talk with her, not to her, about her behaviour, how it makes you feel, why she's acting that way, and why you'd like it to change.

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