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so i am going to tell u a little about my Brenden. when he was 2yrs he was diagnosed with a sever speech and language delay. we worked really hard with him. speech and motor therapy twice a week for alomst 2yrs. He made lots of progress with that. A boy that went from speaking one work sentences went to speaking 4 & 5 word sentences in little over a year. Then his diagnosis changed from speech and language delay to speech and the inability to form the sounds. but he pushed thru that with lots of help in school. he started kindergarden and wow that was a tough year. he was anti social and didnt make friends very easaly. he wouldnt particpate in class activities and was called a loner. He still strugled with speech but he is in a great school and they have helped him sooo much. we made the decision to hold him back in kindergarden as he was still young and was still strugling. it was a good decision for him. He made it thru that and went to first grade. he did prtty good in 1st grade. his scocial skills improved and made some friends. and started participating in class activities.all the while still receiving speech therapy 3 times a week. He is now at the end of his 2 grade. he still strugles in literacy. reading is a major issue. they have done an extensive coomprehesive exam to see if there are other issues than just the speech and language delay. we are still waiting the results. But he has made great progress. And i would like to say a special thank you to all his teachers and speech teachers that have helped this preciouse little guy to become the awsome little guy he is. But i would like to hear simalar stories from moms that their little ones have had this issue. thanks and well wishes to all.. ohhh and i should also comment that he has had hearing loss screenings and vision screening and all came back fine.


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Wow what a very determined young boy you have,you both must so proud of him.Its also nice to hear how much help he received from his teachers and speech teachers etc thats awesome.You have made good choices for your little boy and your encouragement and love i am sure helped more than anything.Sorry i dont have this issue but i was so taken by the post you wrote on your son i had to leave a comment.Wishing you all the very best especially your son Brendan:-)

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