My eight year old daughter continuously forgets to bring home her homework.

Cheanoa - posted on 10/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My eight year old daughter continuously forgets to bring home her homework. We have talked about it, done daily reminders, and taken away tv, computer, and wii. We are so frustrated. It feels like we keep saying the same things over and over again with no improvement. Has anyone gone through this situation or have any suggestions???


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Our kids had homework journals that were filled out throughout the day, and then the teacher reviewed each one at the end of the day. If she needed to add a note, she did.

Journal then came home with the "homework" folder, and parents were required to read the journal, respond to any comments (or add comments of their own, if they needed to) and sign off the homework as it was completed.

My eldest son's teacher said that she developed the whole system because, amazingly, grade school kids are very adept at forgetting homework! Perhaps suggest that solution with your daughter's teacher. You may be amazed at the reception. At the very least, see if she would implement it for your daughter!

Veronica - posted on 10/23/2012




I was in the same situation when my son was in the first grade. I asked the teacher for help. And we discovered many kids "forget" their homework. So we made up a trategy - at tghe end of all lessons everyone was suppose to put down their homework in a special agenda. Yes it took time and it was annoying, but in time they evolved and it is much much better now. At home - i kept (still do - sometimes :) ) rewarding my sdon for good behavior, good marks at school and NOT FORGETING HIS HOMEWORK. He is an Aries, gets bored very fast and is not attentive at details. It is very hard sometimes. And it is a struggle not to yell and not to punish. TV, video games withdrowal did not help, he used to sit in stare to walls just to make me angry. I invented a reward system - nights out, moovie nights, sweets, new books (he is not much interested in toys already), cinema etc. Wish you all the best, hang on!

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