My eight year old doesn't want to go to school

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My 8 year old girl does not want to go to school and I think I know why but not sure. She has always been like this. She is turning eight next month. She is an only child and never has to share attention or anything. she is always saying the teachers are mean(catholic school) but they are not mean, they are just strict. Now she wants to come home for lunch , this is fine on the days I am not working but what about when I am. I am anxious about what is going on with her or if she is "playing me",,,,I don't like that term,,,my husband uses it, but I don't like it at all. I shower my little one with love cause she is the light of my life and if I feel that someone is bothering her. it will be very upsetting.


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I suggest you to go have a private counseling time with her teacher WITHOUT your daughter's presence! Ask her what the teacher notices in her behavior in class. You really want to find out if it's the classmates, teacher, environment... GIve her a lot of attention at home. Thank her everynight for trying her best 'to like' the school. Tell her all you want her to do is trying.^^

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make sure there isnt an underlying issue with her schooling ie: bullying or struggling to cope, if you are able to rule out both of these, speak to her teachers, she may be fine once in school, unfortunitly children do "play you" all of my eldest have tried in the pass, even if this is the case then it is just normal behaviour, she is testing her boundries and the older she becomes the more she will test. rule out real issues then you will worry abit less. hope this helps


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Your daughter is 8,and by now the die is cast! I think your statement really says it all.....she has always been like this,never shares,gets all the attention,etc. Loving your daughter is great,but instead of "showering" her with love,you might try a common sense bath!

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