My girls Dad, just had another baby with his girlfriend!

Parveen - posted on 03/02/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )



0 ex left me and my 2 girls when my youngest was 2 months old, she is now turning 5. She was premature and it was very touch and go in the early days. He left us in the middle of this, he broke off our engagement via txt just after I told him she was about to have a blood transfusion. We still lived together for a while after we broke up, I had no where to go, it was his house and as we weren't married I had no rights to the property, after about a year, and the whole year I still loved him and hoped we would get back together, he told us to get out.....and a couple of months later I was in my own property!

Since then, I have dedicated my life to raising my girls, he has the girls every fortnight, pays no Csa, and no other Communication within the two weeks. He moved on pretty quickly after we moved out, and has been with his girlfriend for 3 years. They have just had their first child. Why do I feel like crap? I no longer love him. I haven't been in any form of Relationship since him, I decided to give my girls my undivided attention.

What will the future hold? I feel that the girls arn't his number one priority at the moment, they will really be on the back burner now! I don't know if I feel jealous or hurt! All I know is I am confused by my emotions! Please help me to understand this! Thanks for reading


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Michelle - posted on 03/08/2013




I know how you feel I'm in the same boat as you same thing happened to me I have twins. A boy and a girl they are 9 years old its been about 7 years since they have seen there dad. My daughter gets a little sad some times that her dad is not around but I tell her that their are alot of kids in her shoes. I know that we will be ok I do have strong family support that does help. My children are everything to me and they keep me going. My son has ADHD and autism so that is challenging at times. I have tried to have a boy friend but it has not worked. But in time I think it will when it is right with the right person. I just want you to know you are not alone there are a lot of single moms out there keep your head up:) !!!
Power to the single moms!!!!

Marie - posted on 03/05/2013




I can't predict the future but I think you will be fine =) you may not be in love with him anymore but you once loved him and you have two kids together? It's only natural that you would feel a certain way about him having another baby with someone else and in my opinion it would be jealousy but not jealousy because you love him because you said yourself you don't love him... only jealousy because the idea of a family is appealing and you feel like your girls deserve a family. Not necessarily with him, but for him to have that family where he's the dad with someone else doesn't feel fair, especially when his attempt at the family he had with you wasn't much of an attempt on his behalf. Maybe the jealousy and hurt you're feeling is solely based on your girls because you want to be able to give them a family with a dad included 24/7, not just a dad sometimes. And it's hurtful that he's ready and willing to start a family somewhere else when he didn't finish the first one he started. I'm sure the certain way you're feeling about the situation will pass eventually though. You're raising your babies to the best of your ability and family isn't necessarily determined by a mom and dad... family is what you make it. I hope maybe this helped?

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